Book Summary The Intelligent Investor By Afshin Afsharnejad

the intelligent investor book summary
Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham

Lesson 1: There are 3 principles to becoming an intelligent investor.

Often also called value investing, intelligent investing according to Benjamin Graham rests on 3 principles.

  1. An intelligent investor always analyzes the long-term evolution and management principles of a company before investing.
  2. They always protect themselves from losses by diversifying investments.
  3. Intelligent investors never look for crazy profits, but focus on safe and steady returns.

Lesson 2: Never trust Mr. Market.

Graham’s most famous analogy is the one of Mr. Market, where he pictures the entire stock market as a single person.



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Afshin Afsharnejad has always been one to balance the books. He’s a very detail-oriented person, who is excellent with numbers and finances.